Eric Ruhalter has long been a “Lexiconnoisseur” which means – “A lover of words.” Actually “Lexiconnoisseur ” doesn’t mean “a lover of words.” In fact, it doesn’t mean anything. But it should. Which is exactly the point of this book, The KidDictionary. People who have children in their lives to any degree have a profound need for many words that are not currently found in the dictionary. I am introducing and defining these much-needed terms. Call it a renaissance, call it a revolution, or just call it a book.

Creator, Eric Ruhalter studied Economics at Dickinson College, in Carlisle PA, where he learned, first and foremost, that he’s not the least bit interested in the theories and principles of Economics. So rather than study he began spending most of his time writing. Don’t tell his father.

Eric Ruhalter works in television in New York City, and resides in New Jersey with his wife Kara and 3 children, and their 2 cats who will not stay off the dining room table no matter what Eric Ruhalter says or does to them.