THE KID DICTIONARY: Hilarious Words To Describe The Indescribable Things Kids Do – just $9.99 in stores & on Amazon (link below)

“The KidDictionary: Words Parents Need To Describe Their Kids” is a series of humorous gift books for anyone with children in their life. It gives terminology to the many and varied complexities of living in the company of children. There are no shortage of odd traits and behaviors exhibited by children, but there is a shortage of words to describe them. The KidDictionary books are the answer. It’s a great gift for anyone who has kids, knows kids, knows someone who has kids, or ever was a kid. And that’s pretty much everyone isn’t it? Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Shower, Birthday, any holiday – The KidDictionary will make people laugh out loud and realize that people with kids in their lives have a lot more in common than they may have ever realized.

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